Reflections 2019

So, I haven’t actually posted on my blog since the Summer.  Grrrrr….in trying to assess why that might be, I’ve identified a couple of reasons:

  1. It’s quicker to post on Instagram
  2. I’m still a recovering perfectionist and get caught up on the “right” things to post
  3. (The realest reason) I realized that people actually read this

…and now you know more about me, my struggles, and my thought process.  Along with that, despite my attempts at transparency and vulnerability, it still freaks me out IRL (in real life).  But hearing feedback from my followers and supporters has meant the world to me.

I am so thankful for everyone who chooses to travel with me on this journey.  I love being able to share mental health information and tips with you all!  This has been helpful and therapeutic for me too.  My intention with the blog was to not only provide information, but share my experiences as well. So no matter how many months I take off, or “get in my feelings” I will choose to keep going.

As 2019 comes to close, I just want to share with you my thoughts and insights from this year’s wild ride.  This comes from a human experience and Spiritual perspective, so roll with me here:

  1. The last decade, especially the last year of the decade was a time of vision.  It has been a time where a lot of us saw things that will set us up for greater things in the future.
  2. It was a year of extreme highs and lows, The high times were mountain-top experiences and the low times were some of the darkest valleys of our lives.
  3. It was a season of suddenlies.  Things happened so fast for many of us, “good” and “bad,” that we didn’t know how to react to it, we just found ourselves right in the middle of the best or the worst times of our lives.  Also, some of us knew that the season of suddenlies was coming and could feel that 2019 was going to unleash something monumental. (When you feel things like this, pay attention).
  4. It was a year of connection, new connections and renewed connections that were given to us as gifts.  If we choose to honor those gifts they will help us to grow in unimaginable ways.
  5. Lastly, the last month of 2019 is a time to assess what needs to be cut back and cut off.  Many of us want to move into the newness of 2020 but we can’t do so effectively if we have no capacity.

I acknowledge that this isn’t my typical mental health “how to” post.  I also acknowledge that I have other gifts that I don’t know quite know how to articulate and show to the mass population.  So, this is my attempt!

If you identify with any part of this post, let me know!! In 2020 I am gearing up to engage in discussion more (among other things that I might be blogging about) in the future so…talk to me, and I will try very hard to talk back!

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