5 Reasons to Start Therapy

Hey fam! It is the start of the new year and new decade! I KNOW that many people have “start therapy” on their 2020 goal list.  If you have been contemplating beginning therapy this post and my subsequent posts over the next few weeks should help you understand more about the who, what, when, where, and hows of therapy.

I will be transparent here, I was called to be a therapist before I knew what a therapist actually did.  I did some family counseling when I was a kid, concerning my parents’ divorce, but that experience was lackluster and possibly more on the harmful as opposed to the helpful side of my emotional development.  I was well into my study of counseling before I sat on a therapist’s couch.  I actually avoided therapy, because I didn’t want anyone telling me what to do.  I wasn’t ready to change my thoughts and my behaviors.  I didn’t think I needed therapy because I was wise and everyone else’s go-to person.  But Lord have mercy! I was wrong.  Therapy was and continues to be one of my best resources in terms of my continuous healing and wellness journey.

Anyway, I want YOU to be informed about therapy.  Here are five reasons to start going to therapy.  If any of the following are true for you: really consider therapy as an option toward healing.

  1. You don’t feel like yourself mentally or emotionally
  2. You find yourself being triggered by and ruminating on events in your past
  3. You are having difficulty in your relationships
  4. You are dealing with a major life transition
  5. You physically feel symptoms in your body: tension, frequent nausea, headaches, panic, fatigue

Listen, therapy can help save your life.  In 2020, go to therapy!


4 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Start Therapy

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  1. We treat these symptoms as just a part of life and don’t actively try to fix them. Therapy is just a way to set ourselves up for a better life. I have seen a lot of stigma when it comes to therapy around me. But as an adult, I see it as something we can all use. I can connect to all 5 reasons in some way so I know that I could use a little more help than just letting it be. I haven’t gotten a therapist but trying out a self-paced program that provides a lot of resources to improve the thoughts, behaviours and feelings we can control for ourselves to influence our life. Really liking it so far and there is a lot of support in the form of videos from people with similar experiences and their success with the same program and some therapists that just provide coaching to stay on top of the program as designed. Looking forward to seeing some results.


      1. Thank you! It is helping and even where I struggle with parts of it, that gives me more insight. I know I can be stronger and believing that makes a big difference.


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