Benefits of Therapy

Hey fam!  Many of you are thinking, “Should I go to therapy this year?”  If you are even thinking that question, the answer is probably a resounding Yes!  Therapy is absolutely amazing and absolutely beneficial.  And I will be honest, therapy is NO walk in the park.  Therapy is WORK.  You are sitting with your emotions, allowing uncomfortable emotions to come up and be felt in real time, grappling with the hard questions about your relationships.  This work is simultaneously challenging and life-changing.  Here are five benefits of going to therapy.  This list is about talk therapy.  Often times talk therapy is our first entry into therapy and we can seek other modalities as we work with our therapist.

  1. You get a non-judgmental person to listen to you
  2. You get the full attention and attendance of your therapist
  3. You get your thoughts and feelings out of your head and into the space
  4. You get to grow in self-awareness
  5. You get more empowered



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