Grieving The Loss of An Icon

Greetings Fam! The death of beloved basketball icon, Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna and all of those involved in the helicopter crash, has shocked and caused grief among many all over the world.  Grief is a multi-dimension response to loss.  No one in this world is exempt from suffering and no one is exempt from loss.  It is true that we all grieve in different ways and your grief may look different to you depending on the day.  If you are having difficulty processing this tragic event, your therapist can help.  If you are grieving any loss in your life, allowing a therapist to hold space for you and be present to bear witness to your journey can help.

Please know that you are allowed to:

  1. Grieve even if you don’t know them personally
  2. Have a range of emotions
  3. Feel however you feel at any given moment
  4. Take a break from media due to over-exposure
  5. Process your feelings about the death

Take good care,


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