Issues Addressed In Therapy

Hey fam!  I am so thankful that people are increasingly more willing to go to therapy.  Yet we understand that there is still a great deal of stigma around and misconceptions about what gets addressed in therapy.  The short answer is ANY and EVERYTHING.

No topic is off the table in therapy.  You get to talk about all of the things-past, present, and future-that are a part of your experience.  Now, please note, we therapists will report if there is an actual or intended harm to a child, person with disabilities, or an elderly person.  It is our due diligence to report abuse, because, it’s abuse!  But we will keep everything else 100% confidential.

We don’t try to change your mind, or advise your life.  We don’t push you to act a  certain way or do a certain thing.  We accept you as you are.  Now if you are seeking behavior modification, we will help to challenge you healthily toward your goals, all the while practicing non-judgement and acceptance.  Some of the issues that people seek help for are:

  1. Mental Health Issues
  2. Adjustment and Life Transition Issues
  3. Grief and Loss
  4. Relationship Issues
  5. Behavior Modification

There are also great therapists with very specific niches such as addition, trauma, eating disorders.  You can also attend therapy groups and support groups for such specific issues.  If needed, you can engage in some form of therapeutic intervention several days per week.  Please know that we are here to help.  We are called to this work for a reason and we go through years of training + more to be able to help you.



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