3 Ways to Quickly Lower Anxiety

3 Ways to Quickly Lower Anxiety

It’s 30 minutes before you have to talk in front of a group of 40 people.  Nothing fancy, you are just standing up, stating your name, and giving a brief description of why you are here.  Well if it’s not so fancy, then why is your heart pounding out of your chest? Why is your left leg suddenly doing that rapid-fire twitchy thing? Why are you suddenly paralyzed by the thought that all eyes and hearts will be intently focused on you and hanging on to your every.single.word?  ANXIETY — that’s why!   What can you do?

  1. Deep Breathe — begin the practice of focusing only on your breath.  Breathing in through your nose slowly, and out through your mouth slowly.
  2. Visualize — your breath has a color, every inhalation is blue, every exhalation is red.
  3. Reframe — these people aren’t judging you, they are anticipating that you have something that they need.  You are empowered to bless them with your time and talent.



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