Navigating Your New Normal

Hey family!  How are YOU doing?  I have honestly been procrastinating getting content out.  I know that as a helper and a healer, I do have a responsibility to the people that I serve to help them work through times like these.  AND as a whole human being, I was also having some difficulty finding my footing and wrapping my brain around all of this.  This week, I am much more grounded and have better ideas to show up for you.  Thank you for journeying with me, as we walk in healing together!

During this time, everyone is figuring out their own process.  Everyone’s process looks different.  I have encouraged many of my clients to sit with their feelings, honor them, and allow them to be as they are.  THEN create a plan and be graciously flexible with yourself to figure it out.

Because of COVID-19 we are all in a “new normal.”  As I have heard and reiterated countless times, this is different than anything we have seen or experienced here in the U.S.  Our old normal is no longer our reality.  Work looks different, educating our children looks different, gathering looks different, regular exchanges and interactions look vastly different.

What I have learned over the last few weeks is that even though we are all experiencing a “new normal” this newness looks different for everyone.  Some are quickly able to see the “bright side” of this, while others are still making sense of it, and even others are growing more anxious and depressed by the day.  Again, we are all in our own process.  I think that it is key to work to put together a plan that works for you.  Acknowledging that this too may change sooner rather than later.  Get some routine in your day.  Break out that calendar and to-do list.  How, you say? Right, practical steps and application coming at you:

  1. Choose a start date for the implementation of your new plan
  2. Allocate time to create your plan
  3. Visualize what your day looks like: see yourself doing thing that you need to do and things that you enjoy doing
  4. Write the vision and make it plain: write out what your plan for the day and week will be, schedule in breaks, reflection, and self-care time
  5. Add intentional social time: think about the people you want to connect with during the week and what form of connection is best: text, video, social media, or even a walk and talk with appropriate social distancing
  6. Identify people who can help support you and hold you accountable to your plan and schedule check-ins with them

We are all in this together!




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