Leslie-8 (2) resizedWelcome to the Counseling With Leslie Blog!

This is my blog space where I invite you to stop by and share a moment or two with me.  As a therapist, I provide my complete self to my clients.  When they are on the couch, it is ALL about them.  It’s not the time to talk about myself, my fears, or my struggles.  Sometimes they wonder if I go through things too.  The answer is always, “Yes, of course!”  Granted, that’s not the place for me to go in detail about me.  After all, therapy is all about the client!

But yes, I am always in my head, always processing, always reliving stuff, always sitting with my feelings, always doing therapy techniques on myself, regularly talking to my own therapist and support system about what is really going on with me.  And I am proud of the work that I have done on my mental health.

So if you want to read about how a therapist deals with her own stuff and get helpful tips to help you deal with your stuff as well, please subscribe and connect!

Thanks for stopping by to bear witness to my unpacking, unloading, and musings on stress, depression, anxiety, and perfectionism.

By the way, any information given on this blog does not establish a therapeutic relationship between myself and any of my readers.  Information contained on this blog is not meant to substitute mental health counseling.

Happy Reading!

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