National Suicide Prevention

Sept 13, 2017 National Suicide Prevention Month September is National Suicide Prevention Month.  We are currently in the middle of National Suicide Prevention Week (September 10th-16th).  Whether you believe it or not, suicide is a big deal, AN ALARMINGLY BIG DEAL!  Sometimes people feel so trapped and hopeless that they believe the only way out... Continue Reading →

Now I Lay Me…

September 5, 2017 Now I lay me down to sleep… I’m wondering how you all have been sleeping with all of the tragedy that has been surrounding us as of late.  My heart has been heavy since the Charlottesville and Hurricane Harvey incidences, honestly.  Even folks in my church community have lost loved ones and... Continue Reading →

Rhythm of the Night

August 29, 2017 Rhythm of the Night According to the National Sleep Foundation, the circadian rhythm, also known as your sleep/wake cycle, is the “24-hour internal clock that is running in the background of your brain and cycles between sleepiness and alertness at regular intervals.” This cycle “modulates body temperature, muscle tone, heart rate, and…hormonal... Continue Reading →

Sleep and Negative Memories

August 24, 2017 Sleep and Negative Memories Do you find yourself replaying negative thoughts/images from yesterday over and over in your mind today? Are you getting less than 7-9 hours of sleep per night? There may be a correlation. In my work, I focus quite a bit on the thoughts, images, and inner dialogues that... Continue Reading →

Why Sleep?

August 9, 2017 So, ya’ll I’ve been M.I.A. again.  Feeling all the feels per usual, that keep me away from blogging: perfectionism, uncertainty, apathy, busyness, overwhelm, occupied, lethargic, etc.  Bouncing around with my other projects has seemed to take up more of my time.  But, alas, my hope is to blog about SLEEP all month... Continue Reading →

Food is Fuel for Motivation

July 6, 2017 Yes, I am fully aware that it is totally July.  However, I did want to get one last post in about motivation.  (You all know I procrastinate).  Anyway,  I wanted to touch briefly on one's food choices and motivation.  The empirical research is out there, data upon data, articles upon articles, journals... Continue Reading →

Control! (Motivation-related)

June 19, 2017 ‘Sup guys!  So I was thinking about this motivation business.  Sometimes we feel unmotivated because we don’t accept, understand, and believe just how much control we have over many of the situations in our lives.  We may go through a season of stuckness, and then stay there because we have gotten used... Continue Reading →

Self-Encouragement for Motivation

June 13, 2017 Hey good folks.  Just swinging by to talk a bit more about motivation.  I’m pretty sure I’ve talked a bit on the blog about “self-talk.” I know that I talk about it to my clients all the time. When they talk about the difficulties of the week, I often ask, “So, what... Continue Reading →

Hydration and Motivation

June 8, 2017 Hydration helps to increase motivation!!! Disclaimer  I am not a nutritionist.*  I am simply a helping professional.  The information is out there and it’s free if you are willing to do the research. I do believe that our diets play a significant role in how we live out our lives.  I will... Continue Reading →

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