Feel It

May 21, 2018 Feel it “How does that make you feel?” (Therapist says) "Ugh!  Nobody has time to deal with their feelings!" (You think) The truth is, unless you deal with your feelings you can’t live as authentically as you were created to live. Growing up, many of us were told not to express our... Continue Reading →

This is what we are NOT going to do…

March 27, 2018 This is what we are not going to do….. If I had freedom to speak freely I would say, “What we ain’t gonna do is…” (insert sincere stare, lip turn and slight neck roll).  This is what we are not going to do…add extra judgement, condemnation, and self-inflicted insults onto an already... Continue Reading →

Therapy Part 2

2/20/18 Therapy-Part 2 (Transparency Alert) I’m writing this particular post so that you can get a glimpse into a person’s head space surrounding therapy. (See previous post here.)  I wrote the following journal entry two weeks ago when I left my own therapy appointment.  I presented slightly anxious, with worries on my mind.  My therapist... Continue Reading →


Therapy 2/9/18 Sometimes when people come to me for counseling, they are not sure what to expect.  They assume we will do what they see done on television.  I would ask them about their feelings; we would explore and dig deeper.  I would tout the necessity of being vulnerable.  Maybe I would advise them on... Continue Reading →


1/29/18 Dismantle Merriam-Webster defines dismantle as “to disconnect the pieces of” and “to destroy the integrity or functioning of.”  You know what I’ve been working on a lot with people (and myself)?  Dismantling fear. It would appear that fear weaves itself through an intricate connection of experiences, thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.  Biologically, fear is an... Continue Reading →


1/17/18 Space A theme that comes up quite a bit in the work that I do with clients is “space.” When I looked up “space” on Google, this is the definition that seems most applicable to the theme: “a continuous area or expanse that is free, available, or unoccupied.”  Many times, those of us who... Continue Reading →

Is It 2018 Already?

January 4, 2018 Whew! Where did the time go?  I think 2018 snuck up on me.  I mean I've been anticipating it since January of 2017, and then when it got here, I was like, "Already?...but I'm not ready!"  Well, ready or not, here it is and here we are.  If you are reading this,... Continue Reading →

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