Why Sleep?

August 9, 2017 So, ya’ll I’ve been M.I.A. again.  Feeling all the feels per usual, that keep me away from blogging: perfectionism, uncertainty, apathy, busyness, overwhelm, occupied, lethargic, etc.  Bouncing around with my other projects has seemed to take up more of my time.  But, alas, my hope is to blog about SLEEP all month... Continue Reading →

Self-Encouragement for Motivation

June 13, 2017 Hey good folks.  Just swinging by to talk a bit more about motivation.  I’m pretty sure I’ve talked a bit on the blog about “self-talk.” I know that I talk about it to my clients all the time. When they talk about the difficulties of the week, I often ask, “So, what... Continue Reading →

May is….

May 9, 2017 May is....Mental Health Awareness Month!  Yes! I hope you have seen posts, memes, hashtags, etc. talking about how important mental health is.  I really had hoped to start off the May blog spotlight highlighting a lot of facts about mental health.  I still might get to that later in the month, but... Continue Reading →

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