Reflections 2019

So, I haven't actually posted on my blog since the Summer.  Grrrrr….in trying to assess why that might be, I've identified a couple of reasons: It's quicker to post on Instagram I'm still a recovering perfectionist and get caught up on the "right" things to post (The realest reason) I realized that people actually read... Continue Reading →


*Transparency Alert* I've been on this transparency kick right, about my feelings, my process or whatever.  My hope is that if I am vulnerable with parts of my experience others will feel more inclined and less fearful about their own journey toward vulnerability.  As a perfectionist, with a learned behavior of dismissing feelings, I honestly... Continue Reading →

How’s Your Mental

May is indeed Mental Health Awareness Month.  The question is, then, how aware are you of your own mental health?  A friend of mine and I would check in like this via phone: "Hey, how's it going?, Good, How's life? Good, How's work? Family?...How's your mental?" That question gave us permission to do an inventory... Continue Reading →


Have you considered how many messages you have taken into your being over your life time?  What have you seen? What have you heard? What has influenced you? Growing up you may have heard don't cry, don't be mad, don't ask questions.  You may have witnessed violence and abuse.  You may have experienced people leaving... Continue Reading →

Therapists Attend

This is more of an educational post for those of you who don't know the inner workings of therapy.  Some people think therapists give you advice.  Some people think therapists tell you what's wrong with you.  We don't.  We listen to you.  We give you space to talk and to be.  The more we sit... Continue Reading →


A theme that has cycled around my world quite a bit lately is the concept of acceptance.  Acceptance is a concept that goes hand in hand with enoughness.  In my work, I have noticed a correlation between symptoms of stress, depression, anxiety, and perfectionism when our enoughness is called in to question.  At various points... Continue Reading →

Is it still serving you?

Is it still serving you? “Is it still serving you?” This is a question that I often ask in session.  There are certain patterns of thinking and ways of being that have been very helpful for us.  Sometimes the very maladaptive behaviors that we are trying to correct are the ones that have gotten us... Continue Reading →

Do You Want to Be Attached or Nah?

It's about to be THAT Holiday again!  As soon as you walk into the grocery store the ginormous Valentine's Day display hits you right in the face.  Oh hey life-sized teddy bear!  Whatever you need to symbolically express your love and affection on this pivotal day each year, they've got it!  Flowers, check! Balloons, check! Candy,... Continue Reading →


2/4/19 Control For those of us who deal with anxiety, we may or may not know that "control issues" are woven into our experience.  Let me explain, our manifestations of anxiety can come from feeling a lack of control and sensing a need to regain control in some area of our lives.  Let me give... Continue Reading →

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