Benefits of Therapy

Hey fam!  Many of you are thinking, "Should I go to therapy this year?"  If you are even thinking that question, the answer is probably a resounding Yes!  Therapy is absolutely amazing and absolutely beneficial.  And I will be honest, therapy is NO walk in the park.  Therapy is WORK.  You are sitting with your... Continue Reading →

5 Reasons to Start Therapy

Hey fam! It is the start of the new year and new decade! I KNOW that many people have "start therapy" on their 2020 goal list.  If you have been contemplating beginning therapy this post and my subsequent posts over the next few weeks should help you understand more about the who, what, when, where,... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year!!

Peace and blessings fam! Happy New Year!  Welcome to all of my new followers! I want to thank everyone who has been on this mental wellness journey with me through 2019.  We had some ups and downs didn't we?  I am looking forward to continuously providing you mental health tools and tips in the form... Continue Reading →

Do You Want to Be Attached or Nah?

It's about to be THAT Holiday again!  As soon as you walk into the grocery store the ginormous Valentine's Day display hits you right in the face.  Oh hey life-sized teddy bear!  Whatever you need to symbolically express your love and affection on this pivotal day each year, they've got it!  Flowers, check! Balloons, check! Candy,... Continue Reading →

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